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Our Purpose

The story

Dylan Neemeh was diagnosed with Autism at the early age of 2. At the time the concept and road ahead was murky and confusing. With time his life (and ours) was filled with the blessings of therapies, special schools, at home behavior support, friends and a community that made his life full and rewarding.

As kids “age out” of the school system however, the special needs adults are left with very little support. Government support services are limited, and private support is beyond the reach of most parents, who at some point need to hand off care to another generation.

The mission of this company is to leverage the special skill each child brings to create wealth and opportunity for the children to thrive into adulthood, by capturing the unique personality and skill of each special needs child.

And then in steps Dylan's sister Juliana Neemeh and her new friend Mia McClellan.  Both girls had an idea to work together to give Dylan's art and voice a platform to represent all of those who struggle to do so.  This project is also supported and encouraged by Steve Neemeh (Dylan and Juliana's father) and Zach McClellan (Mia's father) because these fathers want to continue to encourage their daughter's to be leaders.

Part of each purchase you make goes towards a fund dedicated to the child, managed by that next generation.

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